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Daniel Brown, Norm de Plume, and Special Guest Matt Moseley meet weekly to discuss comic books/movies that have been considered poor. Daniel Brown is the comics book expert, Norm de Plume is the veteran, and Special Guest Matt Moseley is padawan. If you like laughing, America, comic books, professional wrestling, Lorenzo Lamas, Christina Hendricks*, or freedom then we are the podcast for you. *We at ComicsTalkComics recognize everyone likes Christina Hendricks so, therefore, you must listen to us.

You people asked for it! Maybe you didn't? I don't know, but the podcast thinks these are amazing. More reviews and commentaries on the wonderful world of 1960's Superman through the eyes of Lois Lane.

To call Superman a rogue does a disservice to the man; he is THEE rogue. This week, chain-smoking, scotch-drinking, ad-making Superman has to deal with the fact that Lois Lane gets kryptonite vision. Is this the end of Slois, which I just came up with and realize is their Bennifer name?

Find out on this episode of Comics Talk Comics.

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